Romance By The Beats with Award Winning Author Jami Gold Copy

Most story structure frameworks deal with one main protagonist and one plotline.

That’s not going to work for the romance genre!

In romance, authors are juggling TWO main character arcs, AND the plot thread, AND a romance conflict, which has to be primary.

That’s a lot of Story work.

So we got help for you.

Romance author & blogger Jami Gold is with RWS today, diving into how to craft your story beats so they’re romance-centric. Nail them & turn your story into a bestseller.

You’re going to want this workshop!

Jami Gold

Jami Gold is an award-winning paranormal romance and urban fantasy author, a popular blogger (named one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers).

She’s also the creator of the Romance Beat Sheet which has been downloaded over 60,000 times and recommended by New York Times bestselling authors and newbie writers alike.

Find out more about Jami & her work at:


Jami has donated multiple bonuses to the Bonus Package! 

  • Customizable Romance Beat Sheet
  • Romance Beat Sheet Scrivener Template
  • 75% discount on her NEW Romance Beat Sheet Workshop

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