Powerful Pacing with Editors JoEllen Nordstrom & Kristin McTiernan Copy

‘Pace’ doesn’t (necessarily) mean fast.

But writers hear so much advice telling us to ‘open with action’ and ‘keep the pace moving,’ it sure seems that way.

While different genres have different reader expectations for pace, readers in all genres want a journey. That means changes in pace.  

You can’t just hit the gas, hard, and not let up. But neither can you pull over at every rest stop and let your characters wander around the display of the Largest Ball of Twine.

How do you know what’s too fast or slow?

 What the heck does pace mean, anyhow?

And how can we determine what we need for our story?

Editors JoEllen Nordstrom & editor/author Kristin McTiernan are here to tell us.  We’re breaking down pace for fiction writers.

JoEllen Nordström

JoEllen hosts the Publishing Power Podcast & is the owner of First Editing, as well as an author on non-fiction books on entrepreneurs.

Her passion is simplifying the editing & publishing process for authors & her online editing company has helped over 35,000 writers.

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Kristin McTiernan

Kristin waffled between joining a convent and enlisting in the Marines before settled on the latter at 17 years old. After 3 years, 4 sprained ankles, and a badly herniated disc, she left the Marines and studied English literature.

She’s now a professional editor & author of supernatural mysteries.

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JoEllen has contributed several digital pdf downloads to the Bonus Package, including guides to help you determine the type of editing you need.  

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JoEllen Nordström's "What is Line Editing?" Guide (Romance Writers Summit)