Just The Turning Points with Kris Kennedy: Turning Point #1-Romance Launch Copy

In this 4 part video series, we’re going to breakdown how to craft a character-driven romance in four steps.

Whether you hate plotting or love it to death, this simple but powerful approach will help you craft & interweave all your story arcs: plot, character, & romance (if you write romance).

Using a turning points-based approach, you’ll come away with a tight, emotionally powerful throughline that can drive your story forward from Page One through to The End.

Use it before you start writing…

…when you’re stuck in a sagging middle…

…or when you’re supposed to be done, but you’ve hit the wall on draft number #letsnottalknumbers.

‘Just The Turning Points’ will hand you a powerful story that braids together all the elements of story: plot, character, and romance.

In this video, we’re talking about the first turning point: Romance Launch.

Kris Kennedy is founder of Romance Writing Lab and creator & host of Romance Writers Summit, and a bestselling romance author.

You can read about her books at kriskennedy.net

Find out about courses, workshops, books, and story coaching at Romance Writing Lab.


In the downloads section above, you’ll find all my slides, & a worksheet to help you apply the Turning Points to your manuscript, and a very informal, non-exhaustive list of romance tropes. Use it to give you ideas and inspire.