How To Grab Your Reader On Page One with Fiction University Founder Janice Hardy Copy

Your story might really take off in Chapter Three…but you don’t have that long.

You have to grab your reader on Page One.  

It’s too easy for readers to set down your book & pick up one of the thousands of others out there. It’s essential to hook your reader right away. Then keep hooking her at all the right places.  

Janice Hardy is talking with Romance Writers Summit about exactly how to do that.  We’re covering the essential keys to crafting an opening so the reader can’t set it down.

Janice Hardy

Janice is an award-winning author of the teen fantasy trilogy The Healing Wars & writes the Grace Harper urban fantasy series under the name J.T. Hardy.

She also runs Fiction University and has multiple non-fiction books out on the craft of writing.

Find out more about Janice, her books, & Fiction University at:

All Access Bonus Contributor

Janice is giving all All Access Pass holders her full-length nonfiction craft book, Fixing Your Character and POV Problems.

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