Characterization with Rebecca Monterusso Copy

Characters are the lifeblood of fiction.  

And all the advice we hear about building character sounds pretty obvious, right? 

Make them sympathetic.

Make them interesting.

Make them someone we can root for.


What does ‘interesting’ even mean? ‘Sympathetic’? And is that really all you need?  And if so, how do you do it? 

Romance Writers Summit is doing a deep-dive into the whole topic of ‘characterization’ with freelance editor Rebecca Monterusso. We’re talking about how what ‘characterization’ means, and sharing powerful strategies for turning your protagonist into a character readers will fall in love with.

Rebecca Monterusso

As a certified Story Grid editor, Rebecca helps writers get their stories on the page.

A self-proclaimed story nerd, she believes stories are the only way to change the world.

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Rebecca has contributed two bonuses! One is a hand-drawn visualization to help keep you clear on the elements of characterization. She’s also giving everyone a copy of her guide to Studying Masterworks, with discussion on how they can help you become a better writer.

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