Adapting Your Novel To A Screenplay with Screenwriter Naomi Beaty Copy

Have you ever imagined you book as a movie?

You’re not alone. For many writers, turning their book into a script–and then a movie–is a dream. After all, how hard can it be? We’re authors.  We know story.

But writing for film is very different from writing a novel.

Which is why we’re back with another presentation with screenwriter & story consultant Naomi Beaty.

If you have even the slightest interest in adapting one of your novels to a screenplay (hello pretty much everyone), or in writing a screenplay cold, this presentation is for you.

Naomi Beaty

Naomi is a screenwriter and story consultant who works with writers, producers, and directors to develop their film and TV projects.

She created the “Idea to Outline” workshop, teaches story structure workshops for Save the Cat, and guest-lectures on all things screenwriting- and story-related for schools and organizations across the U.S.

Find out more about Naomi & what she offers here:


In addition to giving TWO expert presentations for Romance Writers Summit, Naomi has contributed multiple bonuses to support storytellers in their journeys.  

She’s generously provided a logline worksheet to help you nail this core path of your story. You’ll also get her slides from the workshop above, “Adapting Your Novel to a Screenplay.” You’re going to want them both!

Click “Materials” above the video to download the pdfs.